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The Hillsborough Township Public Schools Visual and Performing Arts Curriculum provides students with a K-12 visual arts, instrumental and vocal music experiences that cultivates the whole child, gradually building many kinds of literacy while developing intuition, reasoning, imagination, and dexterity into unique forms of expression and communication.


4th Grade Recorders....Chorus..advanced music ..its going to be quite a year!
What's New? The 4th grade students  learn and develop songs on the recorder. When they get to Auten Road School they will have the opportunity to learn a band instrument and learning the recorder is a great.

Band Next Year? The Auten Road music teachers visit Amsterdam to do an orientation towards the end of each school year. At that time, they will explain everything about the 5th grade band program to the kids.
What About Chorus?  Students in the chorus voluntarily give up one recess out of the 6 day cycle during the year to come in and learn the music.

When is the Grade Show?The 4th grade show is usually scheduled for sometime in the spring.  Grade level concert dates are usually announced early in the school year.


3rd Grade Third grade students are learning the music for Destination America! This show has different types of music from all around the country. Well also take a little time in class to discuss Motown, Rock, and Country...Yeeehawww!


2nd Grade  The second grade show this year is Dinosaur Cabaret Lots of fun here! Ask your kids to sing you part of Brontosaurus Boogie!


1st Grade We do more and more reading in first grade music classes. We have our songs of the day and songs of the month. We learn them all from a great packet of songs from which the kids will be reading. Ask your first grade child what they think about Tuesday! We spend the second half of the year getting familiar with instruments and the basic science behind sound. Well also work on the 1st grade musical.


Kindergarten Plenty of songs and games about letters and words and numbers. Ask your kindergarten child what they learned about me when we did The B Song; then ask them what C food I love!
     When were not doing the above, we might be banging away on the bass drum as we try to develop a sense of rhythm, or we may even be reading my Farkle Mcbride book as we become familiar with instruments. Sometimes we just use music to have fun and brighten the day.
     The kindergarten students also become familiar with different software that they will be using over the next few years. Rhythm, timing, pitch awareness, and creating music on the computer are just a few of the things we do with technology in music class.


Websites & Software -

  I show the students many websites and use various music software programs over the year. Click here to view just a few.