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Physical Education
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Introducing the Amsterdam Physical Education Staff!

There are two physical education teachers at Amsterdam Elementary School, Mr. Rourke and Mr.Caudill. Mr. Rourke is on staff at Amsterdam Elementary School full time, while Mr. Caudill shares his full-time elementary school physical education teaching schedule  by teaching classes at Amsterdam Elementary School as well as Triangle and Sunnymead Elementary Schools.

How to Contact the Amsterdam Physical Education Teachers:

To contact your child's physical education teacher, Mr. Rourke and Mr.Caudill request that you email them at bcaudill or srourke ( Due to the constant flow of classes going on in the Amsterdam gymnasium, the physical education teachers at Amsterdam Elementary School prefer to retrieve all messages from email or, if necessary, the school's main office. Thank you!

Physical Education is all about moving to learn while displaying great character!


Amsterdam Physical Education isn’t only fun, but it helps you feel good and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Ask yourself, are you fit?

Respect yourself, each other, and your school.

Unite and work together.

Find your squad and sit quietly.

Insist on doing your best.

Turn fitness into FUN!

Four Goals of Mr. Rourke's and Mr. Caudill's Physical Education Program:

  • Have the students develop a personal fitness program while at Amsterdam School
  • Have the students develop a fitness program outside of Amsterdam School
  • Have the students develop a life long fitness program
  • Have the students work as teacher/coach and spotter with classmate