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3rd and 4th grade...


For Younger kids...


Recommended SoftwareThis is some of the stuff we use in class!

I suggest trying out free demo versions first, usually available at the manufacturers website or at

  • Music Ace & Music Ace 2  - Music theory, concepts, skills. Even keyboard basics.
  • Midisaurus series More for younger kids (k-2). Many titles in this series.
  • Making Music Great software, create music, games, all kinds of fun.
  • EZ-DJ drag and drop to create really cool music. Should be  available in several styles of music. Older kids will LOVE this! I dont have this one in school but it is awesome!There are also many titles that can teach piano if you have a midi keyboard! 


More for Parents...

  • Home recording and editing? Need to mix or edit music for a variety show act? has great software. Download the demo versions and try it out.
  • Have a midi capable keyboard? Cakewalk puts out many great software    titles for recording and editing midi. They also have the Guitar Tracks titles which turn your pc into a multi-track studio for guitar. I use this! demo versions available for download
  • Music Editing? Pro Tools is considered the ultimate in editing software. Go to  for a free version that is available for download. Micrologic also puts out a lot of great recording and editing software.


 Music related and just plain cool....

  • If I want second grade students to see something neat when we learn dinosaur music we go to one of the best sites out there This is the website for the discovery channel. ENDLESS info about many things here!
  • When first grade students were learning their space show last year we looked at Video, pictures, whatever, if it has something to do with space youll find it there. is another great one, find the Apollo gallery in the NASA history section and show the kids video of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon!
  • We also looked at to see what the Mars rovers were up to. Check out challenges and multimedia excellent stuff!