School Hours

Amsterdam Elementary School
School Hours
Daily Grade 1 - Grade 4 Schedule

7:40 am First morning bell
7:50 am Second morning bell
2:15 pm First dismissal bell
2:25 pm Second dismissal bell

Daily Kindergarten Schedule

 CAP 7:50am - 2:25pm
AM Kindergarten
7:50am - 10:37am
PM Kindergarten
11:37am - 2:25pm

Half Day Schedule

Grades 1 - 4, CAP
7:50am - 11:50am
AM Kindergarten
7:50am - 10:20am
PM Kindergarten
9:20am - 11:50am

Emergency Early Dismissal Schedule

Grades 1 - 4, CAP 7:50am - 11:50am
AM Kindergarten 7:50am - 10:37am
PM Kindergarten canceled

Delayed Opening Schedule

Grades 1 - 4, CAP
9:50am - 2:25pm
AM Kindergarten
9:50am - 11:37pm
PM Kindergarten
12:37pm - 2:25pm

If a
DELAY is called, children start school at 9:50 a.m., two (2) hours later than on a regular day.  Bus schedules will be DELAYED by 2 hours.  Kindergarten AM will start at 9:50 a.m., dismiss at 11:37 a.m., Kindergarten p.m. will start at 12:37 p.m. and dismiss at 2:25 p.m. Lunches WILL be served for children who choose to purchase a lunch.  There will be no recess in the event of a delayed opening.

During an EARLY DISMISSAL, ALL AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES are CANCELLED, including the After School Program, recreation programs, scouting, etc.  Children must be aware of their EMERGENCY DISMISSAL PROCEDURES.  Please take a moment to review these procedures with your children. The office is inundated with calls on these WEATHER RELATED days. Since all students must leave the school when dismissing, we cannot allow children to make calls home to review these procedures.  Please be aware of the urgency involved in putting this process into action.

All students will be sent home on the bus.