3rd Grade

Welcome to Amsterdam Elementary School

 Third Grade!  

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Third Grade is a year filled with exciting hands-on learning opportunities. Students gain perspective on the world around them through many creative projects, across subject areas. In Mathematics, students work to support and explain their mathematical thinking through pictures, equations, and words. Students learn many different strategies to search for solutions to real world problems and calculations. Throughout Literacy, students will read a variety of books that will broaden their schemas to help them make inferences. Third Graders will "read to learn" as they use text evidence to support their thinking. They will also be able to pick age appropriate topics and write essays on them to persuade their peers to their viewpoint. Additionally, in Science, students will be able to see how weather affects their everyday decisions and how all living things follow certain life cycles. Lastly, students will learn all about their wonderful state of New Jersey and take active roles in protecting its landscapes in their Social Studies class. As you can tell, there is much to learn and do in Third Grade!
Get ready for a terrific year!

Meet our Third Grade Team...

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Emily Bernstein
email: ebernstein
Sheila Marce
email: smarce
Jessica Abrams
email: jeabrams
Lisa Bratus
email: lbratus