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Speech/Language Program Staff Page

To contact a staff member via email please add the email ID in front of @htps.us

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Julia Libeskind 
Email ID: jlibeskin
  Kristen Kritou 
Email ID: kkritou

Hello! The speech/language program is proud to support Amsterdam School by providing speech and language therapy for eligible students.

Did you know???

  • Speech/language pathologists work with children to learn to use age appropriate speech production (articulation). This refers to using all the speech sounds that a child would typically produce by a certain age.

    • Other speech production difficulties include dysfluency (stuttering), motor planning (apraxia), and voice difficulty (e.g., vocal nodules).

    • Later developing sounds like /r/ and /th/ are sometimes not yet mastered until second grade. This may be related to the fact that the human tongue grows most rapidly between the ages of 5 ½ and 7 ½!

  • Speech/language pathologists also work with children who have difficulty with language. Language includes listening (receptive language), talking (expressive language), grammar (morphology and syntax), word meaning (semantics) and pragmatics (language use/social communication skills).

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